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Thinkin' 'bout Inkin' (with David McGuire)

Nov 24 '12

Nose Color Theory







I see this all the time in fanart and I don’t get it. More power to people stylizing, but sometimes it gets a little ridiculous.

Everyone has a cold now

i am so guilty of this

clearly those colored troll noses people draw spread beyond homestuck

hahaha god i hate this

I feel like this is such a lazy affect to give a drawing. It’s like all the cracks and lines Liefeld puts all over everything, as if the drawing can’t be done as it is. Whose nose does this, unless it’s freezing weather?

Differently-colored noses are preferable if you’re drawing in a goofy cartoony style where the nose is clearly a separate element from the rest of the face:

Muppets with same-color noses always look kind of weird:

Though once the nose doesn’t look like it can be colored with the paint bucket tool, it looks good as the same color:

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