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May 21 '14

Why is her cutie mark 3 nipples

Because she’s nurturing.


Why is her cutie mark 3 nipples

Because she’s nurturing.

(Source: mlpseriesresource)

May 14 '14
The royal family.

The royal family.

May 2 '14
Feb 17 '14

alexriesart asked:

Is the Brony doco worth watching even from a MSt3k-esque "So Bad Its Good" standpoint?


No. In summation it is self-congratulatory and self-important over just being a typical fandom, with recurring themes of “ew girly stuff” and underlying themes of homophobia. It is just uncomfortable, not “laugh at how bad it is.” I don’t think I can recommend feeling uncomfortable.

There’s this continuing narrative of bronies being skeptical at first, giving it a try, and finally admitting that they liked it.

It’s a show about talking ponies. Who live in cute little people houses. But still walk on all fours and hold human tools with their mouths like real horses would.  And they had to be CONVINCED to watch that at first?

Is there something unappealing about the concept that I’m missing?

Feb 9 '14






Remember that time a Flash-animated applehorse could do a hairflip without her hair phasing through her shoulder, but a snow queen from a big budget Disney feature film couldn’t?

Remember that time animation deliberately cheated to provide a visual that the animators believed to be more aesthetically pleasing, one of the main tools that characterize animation, and then people harped on it for months and years afterwards pointing it out as though it was some kind of embarrassing “mistake?”

it is time now for an entirely different “let it go”

There’s a reason Applejack’s hair didn’t phase through her shoulder and it has more to do with horse anatomy than animation.

Jan 18 '14

Good riddance to bad rape jokes.

Jan 6 '14
Jan 6 '14



ohhhh just because~

Dec 23 '13

Let’s make luigi the most reblogged picture on Tumblr.



Oh, that’s odd. I tried reblogging it and it turned into an unsourced micron drawing on a moleskine notebook of a pokemon cosplaying as Harry Potter riding on a gender-reversed Homestuck My Little Pony.

I guess that’s Tumblr for ya.


Dec 5 '13

tedlyanderson asked:

What is your ponysona?

Sigh. 9_9